Hello, there. Thanks for reading my blog! If you are in the mood for reading about silly trifles, please continue since that’s what I busy myself with. I write so that I don’t forget the inconsequentiality of my existence. I figure, how could the big things be worth remembering without the negligible ones in between? I’ll save the big ones for my journal, which, I’m sorry to say, I will not be posting.

If you are looking for a daily report of our family goings-on, I’m sorry to inform you that you will be disappointed since I use this blog more as a storage space for my mind’s wanderings, although I do, from time to time, report on family trips, news, and/or milestones. So, you’ll only be partly disappointed.

You are probably confused by now since the name of this blog does not in any way correspond with its content. It comes from an unfortunate thing I said as a kid that my siblings still tease me about to this day (among many). I was trying to say something serious and menacing to induce fear from my tormentors (you know who you are), which I must admit, involved the use of the term “cookie crumbs.” And, this produced the exact opposite effect I was hoping for—intense laughter.

On spur of the moment when I set this thing up, I thought it would also make an interesting blog title. I’ve thought about changing it though, since, as you can see, I hardly ever write about cookies or crumbles for that matter, although I am partial to blue cheese ones.