May 17, 2010

I Have Thoughts

Hello friends. I know, it's been awhile. I suffer from these spells of Noblogitis, (similar to School of Rock's Stikitodaman disease), but I'm trying to overcome it with large amounts of powerful medication (not really). I've been trying to kick my book blog off the ground, but I too have lost motivation in that department. And now I've decided to add something new to my plate that is sure to shake up my blogging time. Since I've effectively lowered said time to zero, however, it can only be uphill from here, right? =)

So, here I am, my first post in months, laughing in the face of my writer's block, which has got me by the throat, chocking off the breath of creativity. Ha ha ha! Take that! I guess I just don't have any thoughts as of late. Although I have written a few blog posts in my head, just going through my day, but when I sit down at my word processor, blinking bar in view -- nothing. Ugh, I hate that.

And so, to try to get those gears oiled again and moving at full speed, I've put together a (what I consider) whimsical little list of the important happenings of the last few months. In no particular order:

Anyone watch 30 Rock? Remember the episode about Tracy Jordan's foreman-looking "meat machine"? The slogan: "Meat is the new bread!" I not only found that bit hilarious, but also completely outlandish. Am I in the Twilight Zone?? (By which I do not, mean a world of vampires.)

We've been watching a lot of basketball lately, first March Madness and now the playoffs. A couple thoughts. First, I heard an interview with LeBron James on NPR. He's just kind of great. He was so well spoken, and just kind, really. And, I am really looking forward to what happens next year with the very promising, equally as great, Durantula.
We got a DVR, and it has revolutionized our lives. Hehe. Ok, perhaps that's an overstatement. Although, I must say, I'd rather not watch anything at all then have to watch any commercials. So that's a good thing. How I found out about that double-down heart attack waiting to happen, I don't know.

It turns out, I know a famous person. Ok, well, I sort of know her. We were in Germany at the same time, but I only met her a few times. Although, I did get a private concert from her when a mutual friend was visiting, and since she only had a couple days to be there, friend-worlds were required to collide. Anyway, it's kind of weird and fun, and I quite like their song. Check them out. And kudos to them for putting Provo on the map.

Newbery award books are some of the best out there. If you are looking for a really great read and just can't seem to find one, pick one off this list. Any one. You won't be disappointed. Those Newbery people aren't messing around.

Guess what, I recycle. I am a proud giver-backer of planet Earth. I finally live in a place where recycling is made easy and convenient. I have two trash cans: one for trash and one for green love. =) AND, to boot, I even remembered to bring my canvas bags, finally, to the grocery store last week. It really does make me feel good, surprisingly.

So, this just made me laugh. See for yourself. When I see a listing for Women's News Corespondent next, I am so all over that.

And speaking of SNL: best monologue I've ever seen, hands down.

After I brush my teeth at night, I suffer from severe thirst. As I guzzle water to quench it, all I can think about is how many times I'm going to have to get up in the night to dispose of that luxury. And then, I worry that I should brush my teeth again after I drink since I feel like the water has somehow "washed away" the effects of freshly brushed teeth. But, then the thirst resumes after second brushing with a vengeance, and the cycle continues. . . no wonder I have gum recession.

So, I've started up my running regime again, as I lost steam over the winter. I've added many songs to my iPod for the occasion, although it's pretty difficult to find just the right mix of "Don't Stop! Keep Going! You Can Do It!" shouted above my torturous panting. (I admit it, there is one song of the Bieber collection in there. Can I help it if he throws down a runnable beat?) The shock of the stinging air ripping through my lungs and the pumping of my heart seem to say, "Yeah, welcome back, missy." And yes, my inner voice is a sassy sixth grader with an attitude problem. Perhaps that's who likes to be spurned forward with prepubescent love songs.

"What's your perfect date?"
"Take somebody to Applebees and get them hot wings."
It's light and funny and kind of an awesome idea. I think if Charlyne had been a better actor/interviewer, it might have been brilliant, but it's definitely worth the rent. It's real, but it's not. =)

And lastly, I'm taking the plunge. I'm going back to school. Ugh, even writing those words just fills me with dread, but excitement at the same time. Here goes nuthin!


Michael said...

Good thoughts. I'm especially glad to confirm that my basketball watching habit is not such a nuisance to you. You are going to take your new university by storm!

Cami and Juan said...

Love the School of Rock reference. And congrats on going back to school! And keep this blog coming, you're so fun to read.

brittani c. said...

Welcome back! I love reading your thoughts...prolly because they are sometimes like my own. Hooray for more school! You are brave, girl. I have no idea what I would do for a master's degree.

Lauren said...

Interesting peek into your brain- enjoyed it:-) Good luck running, and with school! I think those are both things I haven't done in 5+ years- yikes. Don't worry, I'm still skinny. (I 'm sure you were worried). Please enjoy your DVR for me, it's on my covet list:-)
take care!!

Erin_C said...

i love this. i've missed you in the bloggy world (and the real world, too). see you soon!