May 14, 2008

Closet Living

Published monthly and focused on the homes of the “cramped and confined,” this magazine is one of the oldest print resources for closet decorating professionals and serious closet-owners. Closet Living features classic and eclectic décor ideas for any closet apartment, complete with kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom corners. The magazine offers tips and suggestions for remodeling and renovating your own closet, to make look large that area that is actually an itty-bitty living space. Choose Closet Living to learn how to make something, virtually, out of nothing, in reality!

Just a few days ago, I was sitting in my one bedroom apartment, ridiculing it’s tight cupboards and narrow hallway, sneering at the kitchen, the living room, the hall closet. I was so glad to be rid of it. Freedom from the one bedroom! Little did I know that that very closet would soon become my home. I was released from the grip of the restricted one bedroom only to be thrust into the bosom of its despised half-sister—the studio. (dun, dun dun!)

Ok, now I’m just being dramatic. In actuality, I fully chose the studio/closet in which we do now reside. I have now officially become the creator, editor, and publisher, not to mention CEO, of Closet Living. And my first edition features the traditionally classic and cozy D.C. closet, perfect for that metropolitan, cosmopolitan, neapolitan (Why not? I love a good mixture of ice cream flavors.), and . . . extrapolation (huh?) . . . woman.

I will simply refer to each section of the closet, as to avoid confusion, but suffice it to say, each part of the whole could be called “the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, the dining room” all together.

Here’s a little glimpse of the bathroom nook, so cozy.

The living corner.

The bed . . . yeah, just the bed. And, yes, both of us have to fit in there. We’ll either leave this place closer than ever or we will hate each other’s guts, and this little devil will be culprit if the latter occurs.

The dining area.

And the kitchen corner.

And there you have it. Our D.C. adventure’s home base. Ok, ok. You’re right. If this apartment could truly be a closet, it would be one fit for the Carrie Bradshaw’s of the world. So, yeah, it definitely fits the definition of a large closet.

And as we’ve experienced, closet living is not without it’s charms. We’ve both felt flashbacks to an earlier time, when we were required to make do on little with a hodge-podge of furniture. I already love the miss-matched old furniture and the drawer that always sticks (what personality)—the strangely cut windowsill that’s been altered to fit the kitchen sink next to the miniature stove.

It’s old, but it’s clean, and the walls have already started whispering about years past. DH hugged my shoulder as we stood on the rooftop patio looking out over the city. We watched the people hurrying along the sidewalk and heard honking horns and sirens in the distance, and I thought we were meant to be here, in a closet, together. And although we may not be able to move much in the shower or in the kitchen or . . . well, anywhere . . . we are just a happy couple of squished human beings. We will not be confined or defined by our space. Besides, who wants to be indoors anyway?

So, you see, even a closet can be an adequate, even pleasing, place to live. And I have no doubts about this place. I’m almost positive that I’ll miss it when we leave (almost). So subscribe today! And make your closet a little piece of heaven on earth.


laurylaro said...

Nice place:-) I'm nervous to find out where we'll be moving to, maybe we'll be able to afford a butlers pantry!

L & B said...

We continue to check on our apartments every Sunday to check on their progress. We should have carpet and cabinets by this week probably! YAY! Hope D.C. is fun and we miss yall!
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