April 11, 2008

Bandelle Inspiration

I hate decorating. Hate it. Mostly because I'm not that great at it. I love to peruse blogs to try to get inspired by other people's creativity. I ran across an awesome blog yesterday put together by Kylie Surley, a jewelry designer from Australia. She posts about all kinds of style topics from home decor to art to fashion. She always has great pictures, which is my favorite part. She posts a series called Double Take, where she takes a room from a movie or TV show, and talks about all the interior design elements and how you can copy them. I thought it was so much fun! Here's an example from In Her Shoes.

I was so fascinated with her post, I thought I might want to give it a try! (I heart Photoshop. I'll be so sad one day when I don't have access to it anymore.) It turned out to be a little bit of a mess, but it was fun to make! I chose Elizabeth's San Franciscan apartment from the movie Just Like Heaven. I love how the dark brown contrasts with the white walls and bright furniture. I had so much fun shopping! I tried to shop at stores that would be somewhat in my realm of possibility. So, I hope you enjoy it! Check out Bandelle Blog when you get a chance for style inspiration!


First off, the kitchen is so fun. I love the buttery color of the walls, and the way she's used a sort of hodge-podge country style. The shelf stacked with bottles, vases, and mugs (all found at Target), is so charming and something I never would have thought to do with those windows. (This apartment has amazing windows, by the way, which I'm almost 100% positive I will never get to experience!) I also love the rustic look of the kitchen knobs and hardware (found at Lowe's), which also adds to the "contemporary" country feel of the room.

I couldn't get a very good picture of the bedroom, but I love how simple it is. It doesn't have a whole lot of furniture, which gives it a more open feel. She's chosen a muted color for the bedspread and used other pieces to pop with color. The green glass lamp glows as the sun hits it, and I love the burnt orange bed bench.

I absolutely love this couch, pulled together with some funky pillows (found at Anthropologie). I tried to find a more red orange color, but this is the best I could come up with because I was determined to find an affordable one. This couch comes from Ikea, and tops off at $450 bucks. Not bad. I love the rich color and how it becomes the focal point of the room. You see hints of the color in the art hung on the walls and the long drapery. And then lastly, a beautiful dark wood dining table and some chairs to match.

I feel so overwhelmed by the problem of home decorating in my apartment. I never know what to get or what will look good together or what will really demonstrate me (or I suppose I should say us). But this was so incredibly fun, it gave me hope that it is possible! It simply takes time and a lot of patience to pick out just the right thing. And, trust me, it is time consuming. (I know, I have way too much time on my hands in the evenings!) But now, I am looking forward to a different apartment to decorate with new found confidence and energy!

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L & B said...

i think we're coming with you guys to the huntington. i've even picked out paint colors from home depot.(or as i like to call it home de-pot) I'm so very excited