October 29, 2007

Bite Me?

I never did understand the allure that vampires were supposed to have in movies . . . not that I’ve really seen that many vampire movies. But, I just never could really “get it.” Enter a hideous, widow-peak hairlined, pasty white skinned, monstrous fang-toothed, hunched over man with his curled out-stretched finger, “I vant to suck your blood!” Evil smile. Enter a beautiful woman, unable to keep herself from his “vampire” allure. All she can do is walk toward him with her “I know I should run, but I’m just drawn to you in a sensual way” attitude . . . uh, no. Not working for me.

As this confusion was flung into the far reaches of the universe (or perhaps just central Arizona), a creative woman’s subconscious absorbed the contradictory problem, found a reasonable solution, and then played in her mind the more suitable nature of vampires. Thus, Twilight was born—and the world suddenly made more sense for Halloween monsters everywhere, not to mention teenage girls.

I must say I was definitely turned off by the back cover. I’d heard it was a great book, but somehow I’d gotten a far different impression of the plot line. All I really knew was that it was suspenseful, but a girl falling in love with a vampire who wants to suck her blood? Sounds like a C movie at best. I pictured the same confusing plot line: beautiful and easily enticed girl, ravenous and predatory vampire—boring, waste of time, trite, pick your pejorative adjective.

Au contraire, mon frère. See for yourself!

It is a little embarrassing that the biggest success this book has seen is no doubt among teenage girls. How old am I again?! However, I think that the reaction I’ve had and the reaction of several thousand frenzied teenage girls over Edward, Bella, Jacob, and the rest of the clan speaks for itself. Besides . . . who doesn’t love a great story? No matter what the literary value. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. (Hey! Adults like it too . . . see the funnies at end.)

One very patient, kind brother. Many screaming fans, chanting characters names, pep rally style . . . the teenage girl frenzy at it's best!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Camie! I like your blog! I have seen those books and I was wondering if they were any good. Sometimes I like a good mindless read to help me relax! I will check them out. Hope you are having a Happy Halloween!