July 8, 2007

Australian Treasures

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from this blog, since I don't have much time of connectivity every week... however, I wanted to post these video clips! Enjoy! (The footy ones came out a bit small when I uploaded them... sorry.)

A little joey in the pouch! So precious. I'm not a very good "filmmaker," so sorry about that.

Here's a rare moment! We caught this one our way out after many of the people had already left the park!

They had some of these aboriginal dancers come in to give us a show. Pretty cool. The one guy was playing a didgeridoo into a microphone, but for this one he's just singing and hitting two sticks together.


Ryan said...

Those two kangaroos kinda remind of Camie and Lindsay in one of their little spats.

Greta said...

Ha ha.