November 7, 2006

With Two You Get Doxie

I have completely fallen in love with a four-legged creature, the dachshund. (Thanks, Kara!) I am simply beside myself with arduous adoration. These sweet little dogs are where it’s at. I mean really—How can you resist this little face!!

Dachshunds originate from Germany (ahhh . . . Deutschland). The name means “badger dog,” which comes from the dachshund’s hunting characteristics. They were bred to follow the animals and dig down into their burrows—thus, the small, stout legs and long body. Doxies can be very affectionate, if they are socialized properly from birth. They are somewhat territorial (although what dog isn’t, I ask you) and can be irritable and jealous. They are protective of their owners and have a very loud bark that you might expect from a much larger dog. These little guys are clever and sweet and loyal—great little housemates. The other great thing about little doxies is that they are independent and don’t mind being left alone most of the day. They also shed little and don’t have that distinctive “doggie” odor. I’m sure they don’t smell like roses, but a less-smelly dog is always a plus in my book.

They’ve been nicknamed wiener dogs, and the term “hot dog” has been said to be coined by a man who drew a cartoon of a dachshund for the New York Journal. He got the idea from a sporting event where vendors were selling dachshund sausages, calling them “red hot!” He didn’t know how to spell dachshund, so he simply wrote “hot dog” as the caption. (. . . although some say this as an urban legend. Either way I think it’s a great story!)

Doxies come in three varieties: wire hair, long hair, and smooth (short) hair, the last being the traditional doxie. They come in lots of different colors: traditional red, cream, chocolate, dark brown, black. Then they have lots of patterns too: piebald (spots of color on white), brindle (mixture of colors), and then a bunch have patches of two colors and there are lots of different combinations. So many doxies to choose from! Although, I think price will make the decision for us!

I have very few memories of dachshunds, although I do have a couple, one negative and one positive. I babysat for the neighbors once or twice growing up, and they had a doxie named Doodles. But he was a mean little dog. I wanted to make friends with him, and I made the mistake of sitting next to him in “his” chair (which I found out he had sole propriety of only after the unfortunate incident, and so our relationship was always strained. hehe). He growled and growled at me, and when I tried to pet him, I thought he would take my head off! Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch on the other side of the room, watching Mad About You till the parents came home.

But, as a kid, I liked watching the Disney film, the Ugly Dachshund. This movie is about a family of two who get a bunch of doxies and a great dane. Unfortunately, the great dane has no one to relate to and wants to join the doxie gang, so he starts acting like one! He bends down and waddles along the floor after them. And, he gets into tons of fixes, since those mischievous doxies keep getting into trouble and somehow escaping all the blame! Although I loved the little dogs in the film, I think I would not be the insane dog lady. She has the habit of kissing the dogs (ick) and even gets one of her dogs’ bones bronzed . . . hmmm, crazy much!?

On any account, I’m sure our doxie will be the sweetest little dog ever, and I’m very excited to get one! Now if we can just find an apartment that would allow pets . . . we’d be in business!


linzy pinzy puddin' in a pie said...

I think that if you get a doxie, you should name it slinky! "C'mere slink....gooood slink." - It has a nice ring to it I'd say.

Mrs. Thomas said...

Yeah, that's a cute name! It's like from the Toy Story movie! I think we've already come up with a name though: Roxy. What do you think?

blondie said...

I think instead you shouldn't name your dog slinky - I think it should be stinky - "C"mere stinky..... goooood stink! Have fun with that one