November 17, 2006

Book of . . . ME?

Scrapbooking is really fun. Although, I spend much more time looking at other people's creations than I do actually creating things myself. Hopefully someday it will be the other way around! As I looked through galleries at, I came across this quite often, "This is for my BOM." Huh? (Nope! Not the acronymn you are familiar with!) It stands for Book of Me. I thought it was kind of an interesting idea, but really, it didn't appeal to me much. I just can't remember ever seeing an "All About Me" book for anyone over 8 years old. And, besides being rather childish, it seemed egocentric, to be frank. Here I am, here's some pictures of me, and here are all of my exclusively favorite things.

But, some of these women have come up with really creative things to write about. Like this one about this girl’s wacky hair-dos throughout the years, and she has a picture to go with each description. That’s pretty fun! I would love to see such a collage of my mom’s hair, or my sister’s!

This one is also very creative. It’s a page about this girl’s grandmother’s house and all the memories that go along with it. You could also do one like this about a childhood home or a friend’s house or something. Kinda neat.

This is a page about a girl’s mother that I thought was really nice. She also did others about sisters and cousins, etc. I thought that was a cool idea.

This one is a page about a hobby. The girl went to art classes at this school every Saturday, so she did a little page about it.

The most common one you will see is this one: a page with a picture and then several things about the person.

These are what led me to think BOM’s are egocentric. But, on further contemplation, I think BOM’s serve their purpose. It’s more like an abridged, pictorial journal than an over-blown ego stroke. A small “Augenblick” into a person’s life. I think it’s a fine idea for that purpose. I think it also has great potential for gift ideas . . . although then it would have to be Book of You, instead of Me! And you'd have to leave out the "self-chiding" about hair and whatnot. But still a good idea.

Anyways, I suppose scrapbooks in general are egocentric, aren’t they!? And maybe even a blog! Ha! Joke’s on me! Although a blog is just plain silly, I think a scrapbook is a fun way to preserve memories. Both are good outlets. And anyway, if there weren’t such silly ways of self expression, what would people do with all that creative energy!? There’s only so much room in the world for paper mache and origami. =) hehe.

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Mr. R said...

I don't see anything wrong with a Book of Me. It's like my favorite topic.

Yo, yo.