October 18, 2006

New Year's Resolution?

It’s not quite the New Year, but we’ve decided to get a head start on the resolution that will inevitably come . . . fitness. So, we decided to re-adjust our budget and cut out unhealthy things, like going out to eat so often, in order to afford joining a gym, which turned out to have a much cheaper price tag than I imagined.

Of course, they tried to get us to buy the more expensive plan--“And you can workout at any facility in the nation!” That’s perfect! That means we can workout when we go on our cross country vacation we’ve planned! Uh huh.--but he immediately backed down when we told him our restraints, and so all is well. And I think we will definitely get what we’re paying for.

We went for the first time last night, and I must say, it was envigorating. So many choices! From cardio land to pilates, now it’s all at my fingertips. It’s great too, because DH and I can go together, which he wants, and I can do something other than run, which I want. It’s also rather inspiring to be around several people who are working their guts out! (Although, I was not subjected to seeing anyone in biker shorts as pictured above, thankfully.)

I must say though, my favorite thing, which perhaps divulges the couch potato that lurks within, but this is my blog, so I’ll say it anyway, is the entertainment. There are a total of eight televisions strategically placed in cardio land, each with a different channel playing, and you can listen to any one you would like (imitating channel surfing, so smart!) as long as you bring some headphones with you. Such simple pleasures! I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised at that, if they can do it in an airplane, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to do in a gym, but then again it has been since 1999 that I set foot in a gym other than at Ricks and BYU, and certainly they aren’t setting up TVs. Since I’ve never been a great athlete, it’s a wonderful perk for me because I can exercise for 30 minutes while watching Gilmore Girls, or the new show I discovered last night, Veronica Mars, which turned out to be very good, without feeling the intensified pain that always comes with “exercise boredom.”

So . . . then I guess it is true that you can be an exercise fanatic and a couch potato at the same time, thanks to the marriage of fitness clubs and televisions. Good thing, or I would have a much harder time getting in shape!

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