October 4, 2006

All About Cheese

What is it about cheese? It's curdled milk and mold. Who came along and decided that was a good idea for food?? I wonder if cheese was somehow discovered by accident. Perhaps by a starving peasant or serf rumaging through thrown out leftovers, stumbling upon a gold mine: moldy, old milk curds--yummy.

But I have to admit: I love cheese. It is so incredibly delicious. Grated, sliced, crumbled, melted . . . in everyway prepared, it is delicious. My dad would eat it blocks at a time. I remember the feud growing up--always trying to keep dad out of the cheese. My mom would grate a huge plate full to use in a recipe and I would sneak a pinch when she wasn't looking. Unfortunately a pinch would turn into two or three or four pinches, and soon she would begin to notice that her grated mountain was quickly becoming a mound! Out of the kitchen, I was ordered!

There are so many different varities of cheese, but I have to say that my all time favorite is good old-fashioned American cheddar, preferably sharp. That tangy orange stuff has the best flavor (from the Cracker Barrel--man, oh man!). All I need is a Ritz to stack in on, and I'm transported to cheese heaven.

Lactose intolerance--stay far, far away!


Andralyn said...

Ah, cheese battles. How many ways can you hide cheese in the fridge? There are many if you're creative. I have to agree, cheese is good.

Michael J said...

Where would the food world be without cheese? Cheetos would only be 'tos,' cheeseburgers would only be 'bugers,' pizza would only be saucy bread, and life would be sad.